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Friday, August 23rd 2019

"I'm a travel junkie who's hooked on deals from YYZ." - Chris Myden

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Toronto to Paris, Amsterdam, Finland, & other Scandinavian countries | in the $500s roundtrip including taxes

Deal #1 - Toronto to Paris, France (CDG) and then Lille, France (XDB) back to Toronto - $533 to $550 CAD roundtrip including taxes

Lille is in the northern part of France, right near the border of Belgium.

Note that XDB is a train station. So on the way home, your airfare includes a train ticket from XDB back to Paris to catch the flight to Toronto.


To book, you can go to www.airfrance.ca and click on 'Multi-destination itinerary'.

Search for a flight from YYZ to CDG, and then XDB to YYZ.

Try Wed & Thu dates from October 2015 through to early January 2016.

example of what your search screen should look like on the Air France website:

One interesting date combo is December 30 to January 7. New Year's in Paris!

screenshot from AirFrance.ca :

Some good info about how to get from Paris to Lille, courtesy of YYZ Deals Facebook Group member, Lindsay:

"To get from Paris to Lille you can take a Flibco bus or a Megabus. I think megabus actually stops at the airport a few times a day. Busses would take about three hours, so they are slower but also cheaper than the trains (Thalys and another option, I forget). In general it's 20-40 euros one way. Definitely buy ahead as the busses sell out and train tickets can get super pricy the day of. Alternatively, if you're up for an adventure, you can sign up for a cheap ride share with locals on blablacar."

Deal #2 - A multi-city deal from Toronto to Helsinki, Finland to Amsterdam, Netherlands and then back to Toronto - for $485 CAD roundtrip including taxes

Yes, with this multi-city deal you can spend time in each city.

You can also substitute Amsterdam for Paris, and it will work out to about $20 more.


Start with a Google Multi City flight search, like this....

Toronto to Helsinki to Amsterdam to Toronto

Toronto to Helsinki to Paris to Toronto

With the example links above, the dates are in November. You can try adjusting the dates to other dates between September 2015 and February 2016.

You may want to focus on Tuesday flights at first, to see if the cheap price is available.

Once you see something you like, you can either click through from Google Flights to the KLM website or Air France website for booking, or you can take the same dates and destinations you found and try searching on KLM.com or AirFrance.ca directly

KLM.com - click on 'several destinations' on the home page to start your search.

AirFrance.ca - click on 'Multi-destination itinerary' on the home page to start your search.

screenshot from KLM.com

Deal #3 - A variety of cities in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe are available from Toronto on Finnair for $508 to $585 CAD, roundtrip including taxes

Helsinki, Finland (HEL) $508 (non-stop flight)
Tallinn, Estonia (TLL) $523
Riga, Latvia (RIX) $526
Vilnius, Lithuania (VNO) $542
Stockholm, Sweden (ARN) $552
Oslo, Norway (OSL) $552
Copehagen, Denmark CPH $585


Go to one of the following airline websites:

American Airlines
British Airways

Search for Sunday, Tuesday, or Friday flights in September/October 2015 and May/June 2016.

example from Finnair.com:

Sun Sep 13 to Tue Sep 29

NOTE: Third party booking website FareDepot is claiming that some of these can be booked for even less. Such as Toronto to Tallinn, Estonia $442 CAD roundtrip including taxes. Or Toronto - Copenhagen for $524.

screenshot from FareDepot.com

Be forewarned that FareDepot is ranked #18 in the third party website power rankings.

You can also fly into one city, and out of another, for similar prices.

Start at the Finnair.com home page, and click on 'Multiple destination'.

example: Toronto to Helsinki, and then Stockholm to Toronto

...which currently comes up as $559 CAD including taxes for both flights.

Deal #4 - Toronto to Sofia, Bulgaria (SOF) - $599 CAD roundtrip including taxes

It looks like Toronto - Sofia, Bulgaria (SOF) can now be had for $599 CAD roundtrip including taxes on certain dates in October (second half), November, and December 2015 (first half).

The flights are with Air France / KLM & Bulgaria Air.

They are bookable through Expedia.ca

example: Oct 21 to Nov 4

screenshot from Expedia :

Where to stay in Paris, Lille, Amsterdam, Helsinki, etc?

The following AirBNB links will lead you to some great deals on places to stay for under $80 CAD per night for 2 guests.

AirBNB Paris, France - 1000+ listings for under $80 CAD/night

AirBNB Lille, France - 1000+ listings for under $80 CAD/night

AirBNB Amsterdam, Netherlands - 1000+ listings for under $80 CAD/night

AirBNB Helsinki, Finland - 644 listings for under $80 CAD/night

AirBNB Tallinn, Estonia - 416 listings for under $80 CAD/night

AirBNB Riga, Latvia - 693 listings for under $80 CAD/night

AirBNB Vilnius, Lithuania - 582 listings for under $80 CAD/night

AirBNB Stockholm, Sweden - 900 listings for under $80 CAD/night

AirBNB Oslo, Norway - 785 listings for under $80 CAD/night

AirBNB Copenhagen, Denmark - 1000+ listings for under $80 CAD/night

AirBNB Sofia, Bulgaria - 475 listings for under $60 CAD/night

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Special thanks to Sohaib and Rishi 'The One' Modi for being the first to find and post deals #2 and #3 respectively.

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